The following maps are for an in progress mod I designed using photo reference and blueprints of my college campus. The idea behind the mod is simple; my college campus filled with brain munching zombies that need killing. I intend for the player to start a normal day at school but after some average daily events all hell breaks loose. Below are few screen shots of buildings completed using the “Half Life 2 Esp 2″ source engine.Rude & Shore.

rude_shour_hfl2_0020000 rude_shour_hfl2_0020031 rude_shour_hfl2_0022971 rude_shour_hfl2_0020023 rude_shour_hfl2_0021957 rude_shour_hfl2_0020007 rude_shour_hfl2_0021922


campus_0330045 campus_0330023 campus_0330002 campus_0330006 campus_0330000

Jamber Mp_Jamber is a call of duty 4 team deathmach map. All the geometry is mine as for the textures they belong to the Cod4 team. You can download this map at this link

shot0026 shot0067 shot0065 shot0061 shot0049 shot0033 shot0041 shot0023

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